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  • The Badges for Vets website is a completely free website funded by the HASTAC Initiative with support from the MacArthur Foundation. The Badges for Vets website will provide Veterans the opportunity to register and indicate their training received and experience gained while serving our nation. Prospective employers will have completely free and unfettered access to browse the Badges for Vets database for Veterans matching specified qualifications and or using a simple radius search to search for qualified Veterans in their community. Bob Sparkman and Eric Burg are both Veterans who work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and have dedicated their lives and careers to serve those who have served - “Veterans helping Veterans”.


    Robert Sparkman

    Bob has over 25 years’ experience in the broadcast industry integrating and managing technical projects.



    Eric Burg

    Eric is an award winning graphic designer who is organizationally recognized for his graphic and design talents.



    Dr. Randy Taylor

    Dr. Randy Taylor is retired from Veterans Health Administration and the private practice of psychology. He remains deeply grateful for the service of America's Veterans.